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1932 Broan-Nu Tone, LLC got its start when Henry L. Broan created a kitchen fan called the Motordor® Fan that provided quiet and efficient kitchen ventilation. Broan started his company modestly by selling the fans by day, build what was ordered that night for delivery the next day. Broan named his first company the Midwest Mfg. Company.
1936 Broan's competitor and eventual partner, J. Ralph Corbett developed a musical door chime that replaced the obnoxious buzzer-type door chimes of the time. His development launched what is today known as NuTone, Inc.
1940s Broan was forced to reduce the Midwest Mfg. Co. size during World War II as materials used to make the products were being diverted to the war effort.
1945 After the war Broan and his wife Edna focused their attention back on the Midwest Mfg. Company when they purchased a building in downtown Milwaukee and formed a limited partnership.
1946 Broan changed the status of the company to a corporation and Midwest Mfg. Co. officially became Broan Manufacturing Co., Inc.
1954 Henry Broan sends his son Jack to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Chicago to learn everything he could about range hood competitors, to help grow that product line.
1956 With the continued growth of the business Broan moves its headquarters to Hartford, Wisconsin into a new 20,000-square-foot facility.
mid-1950's Broan, NuTone Tradewind, Fasco, and Prine, got together and founded the Home Ventilating Institute to help consumers compare ventilating products. The group was concerned about the lack of standardization in testing and certification of the ventilation products available.
1956  Edna Broan becomes one of the only female company presidents, when her husband Henry dies of a heart attack at the age of 56. At the time the company has 49 employees with $1 million in annual sales. Edna runs Broan until 1967.
1958 Broan product line included range hoods, heaters, fans, lights and a newly launched ductless ventilation system that included a converter to process odors and smoke through a charcoal filter.
1967 Thirteen years after helping his parent's company by gathering information at the NAHB Jack Broan was named president and remained in that position until 1978.
1972 Broan sells its 1,000,000th range hood but holds less than 10% market share in the range hood and bath fan business. By 2006 today that market share has grown to nearly 90%.
1974 This is a year of expansion for the company as consumers have money to spend and are looking for more choices, so Broan also introduced its "Millionair Line" of bathroom fans and heaters, with 21 completely new designs. Trash compactors are also added to the Broan line-up and the Nautilus branded label.
1975 Broan recognized the buying shift from local specialty stores to large home centers targeted the new home center market and began selling to Lowe's among others.
1976 Sears awards Broan a contract for their range hood business, which would account for 20% of Broan's range hood production.
1981 After 49 years of being a family owned business Broan Mfg. Co., Inc. was acquired by Nortek, Inc., a Providence, R.I. conglomerate and became the lead company of Nortek's Residential Building Products Group.
1980s As a subsidiary of Nortek, Broan expanded through acquisition and gains new product lines, including medicine cabinets and intercoms.
1989 Broan Manufacturing Co., Inc., buys the residential air-comfort business of Aubrey Manufacturing, Inc.
1992 Spending over $15 million on automation Broan designed one of the U.S. range hood industry's first fully-automated hood lines.
1995 Heat recovery ventilators are added to the product offerings, through the acquisition of Venmar Ventilation Inc., and Rangaire LP. This purchase also brought the Whirlpool private label business. The Best acquisition, Broan's first European company moved it into the luxury range hood market.
1998 The two small mid-western companies who were competitors since the 1930's joined to become NuTone, Broan-NuTone LLC.
2001 With the dawn of the New Millennium, the 24,000 sq. ft. expansion and 26,000 sq. ft. remodeling of the Broan-NuTone Headquarters in Hartford was celebrated a major re-model and 24,000 sq. ft. expansion in preparation of their 70th Anniversary. In July 2007.
2004 Global expansion is the focus with the establishment of Broan-NuTone (HK) LTD in Hong Kong to support global raw material procurement efforts.
2005 Manufacturing capabilities were achieved in China with the creation of Broan Building Products (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. The company manufactured ceiling fans, bath fan upgrade kits, bulb heaters, decorative fan lights and 660 series fans for export back to the U.S..
2006 Manufacturing footprint was established in Poland for the Best brand's economical range hood production.
2007 Further U.S. expansion was achieved through the acquisition of the Hartcraft building and Zephyr, which manufactured luxury end kitchen ventilation products. Today Broan-NuTone LLC has facilities in 8 countries and employs 3,246 people.

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