Dryer Parts


There are a wide variety of dryers on the market today, but they all fall into two general camps, gas or electric.

Electric dryers outsell gas by almost 4 to 1 in the USA. This is true for many reasons. For one, they have fewer dryer parts than gas. Another reason is that some people are nervous about having gas appliances in their home. And, gas dryers tend to be easier and cheaper to repair because the dryer parts tend to be cheaper.

One other consideration while choosing between gas and electric is that gas dryers use a large flame to generate the necessary heat. If you typically use cleaners, solvents, paints, etc. around your home, you'll find that the dryer will burn the vapors from those liquids and will then transfer the burned odors to the clothes. It can take several washings to remove the odor.

Often, people wonder if they need to replace the dryer when their washer fails. However, we've found that dryers often outlast washers by many years. This means you can often get twice the life from your dryer as from your washer. The key is to use genuine dryer parts when the appliance needs to be repaired.

Dryers come in many sizes. You'll get the best performance from a dryer with a larger interior drum. The more room inside the dryer, the more the clothes can fluff up when they tumble. It's also very handy to have a dryer with a light inside. This dryer part is often overlooked because it doesn't seem necessary. However, if you've ever had to get on your knees just to see if there was one last sock in there, you'll be able to appreciate the benefit of having one.

The most common problem with dryers is related to poor ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause drying times to increase, extra wear and tear on many of the dryer parts. More rips, tears and loose buttons on clothing because they tumble longer, and definitely increased energy bills. Be sure to check your vent at least once a year or so.

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