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In 1916, the Guardian Frigerator Company was organized in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by Alfred Mellowes and a group of investors to manufacture a refrigerator Mellowes had constructed just a year earlier while working in a backyard wash house. The refrigerator differed from other contemporary models because it was self-contained with the compressor located in the bottom of the cabinet.

In 1918, W.C. Durant, then president of General Motors, privately purchased the company and a new name, Frigidaire, was coined.

Frigidaire made rapid progress. Technological innovations and production efficiencies allowed Frigidaire to sell more than one million refrigerators from 1919 to 1929.

Frigidaire's growth continued to accelerate in the 1930's in spite of the Great Depression. On the eve of World War II, Frigidaire boasted the world's largest refrigerator plant and over 20,000 employees in the United State and abroad. In the 1950's Frigidaire continue to set the pace for the appliance industry introducing automatic ice makers and auto defrost refrigerators. After its acquisition by WCI (White Consolidated Industries) in 1979, Frigidaire was promoted as a reliable brand with the slogan "Here today, here tomorrow".

In 1986 WCI was acquired by Sweden's AB Electrolux. In 1991 Frigidaire regained the spotlight when Electrolux made the Ohio based company the leader of a family of brands that included Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, White-Westinghouse, and Euroflair. A new slogan, "Frigidaire Company . . . .creating a better tomorrow!", was adopted.

1913 First Electric Refrigerator offered for sale
1915 Alfred Mellowes designed a new version of the original refrigerator
1916 Guardian Refrigerator Company formed.
1918 General Motors purchased the company and coined the new name "Frigidaire"
1921 Engineered a one-piece metal lining "Hydrolene" that sealed the cork insulation
1926 Frigidaire was first to produce all-steel refrigerator cabinets
1927 Frigidaire introduced the first porcelain on steel refrigerator exterior. Broadened its expansion of other refrigeration applications with production of milk coolers and drinking water coolers
1929 Produced the 1st home food chest freezer and the 1st self-contained room air conditioner. Frigidaire built its one millionth refrigerator and International sales began
1930 Frigidaire introduced the 1st Hydrator (a humidity drawer for fruits and vegetables)
1931 Outstanding among the achievements of the company in the 1930's were the development of Freon refrigerant and the sealed Meter-Miser compressor
1932 Total refrigerator production topped two and a half million
1933 Frigidaire was 1st to use a sealed, self-oiling rotary compressor unit
1937 Frigidaire was 1st to introduce a "Quickube" aluminum ice tray with a built-in cube release. Frigidaire introduced its electric range line
1938 1st to introduce to the market an air-cooled, window type air conditioner
1941 Refrigerator production climbed to over six million
1947 Frigidaire added Laundry product line
1948 1st to introduce a refrigerator/freezer combination with completely separate freezer section
1950 1st to produce compact 30" electric range
1952 Frigidaire introduced the 1st automatic defrosting refrigerator compartment, "Cycia-Matic"
1955 Introduced a storage bin with built-in cube release, "Ice Ejector"
1958 "Frigi-Foam" insulation allowed for the 1st frost proof refrigerator/freezer. Frigidaire was 1st to introduce the washer automatic soak cycle. Frigidaire built its 50 millionth produce!
1964 Frigidaire brought into production the jet action washer with roller-matic mechanism (not belts, pulley or gears)
1965 Introduced the automatic ice maker which delivered cubes to the ice saver on door
1969 Introduced molded "agi-tub", a combination spin tub and agitator. First to use polypropylene in a washer tub
1970 Frigidaire introduced the laundry center with washer and dryer
1974 Ice, juice and water through the door was introduced on top mount refrigerators
1975 Frigidaire was 1st to us charcoal refrigerator deodorizer
1979 White Consolidated Industries (WCI) purchased the Frigidaire Company from General Motors
1986 WCI was purchased by AB Electrolux of Sweden
1991 Frigidaire regained the spotlight when parent Electrolux supplanted the WCI identity with Frigidaire, making the Ohio-based company the leader of a family of brands that included Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, White-Westinghouse, and Euroflair. Under the direction of Electrolux executive, Hans G. Backman, Frigidaire got a brand makeover as well, including a new logo (a stylized crown with five peaks for the five lead brands), a new slogan ("Frigidaire Company ... creating a better tomorrow!"), and an upscale positioning for the Frigidaire brand.
1997 The revolutionary Gallery Tumble Action washer was designed with quieter operations and saver of energy and water
1998 Introduced the PureSource Ice & Water Filtration System in sided-by-side refrigerators
2001 Introduced the "Next Generation" line of refrigerators
2004 Frigidaire introduced 60cm counter depth refrigerators with exclusive Precision Air Filtration and Easy Care Real Stainless Steel
2005 Introduced the "Prestige Pair", all refrigerator and upright freezer with 34 cu. ft. of food storage
2006 Introduced the 1st frost free chest freezer

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