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Hotpoint Evolution of the Brand

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1907 Earl. H Richardson of the Pacific Electric Heating Company, calls his new electric iron the Hotpoint which became the first commercially successful electric laundry iron.
1910 George A. Hughes introduced the first "electric" stove under the umbrella of The Hughes Company.
1912 Pacific Electric Heating Company, was re-named as Hotpoint Electric Heating Company, and had a complete line of home appliances.
1914 Hotpoint trademark is registered at the U.S. patent office.
1918 Hotpoint Electric Heating Company merged with Hughes' company and the heating device section of General Electric to form the Edison Electric Appliance Company, and to produce Hotpoint brand name products. Hughes was its first president.
1919 The Hotpoint electric range, Model 1, was introduced and manufactured in two colors - black and brown until 1922.
1920 The Hotpoint Electric Heating Co. set up an agreement with the American Company General Electric (GE) to create an agency in order to sell GE branded domestic appliances in the UK. This agency was called Hotpoint Electric Appliance Company Ltd. (HEAC)
1922 Hotpoint received an order for a white porcelain stove, so develops a new annealing process to apply the white enamel
1923 Hotpoint adds a white range with nickel trim to its product line.
1929 Hotpoint Electric Heating Company joined the Associated Electrical Industries (AEI) group, which itself became part of The General Electric Company or GEC group.
1931 The Hotpoint brand added refrigerators to its lineup and production was consolidated with General Electric brand production when the Edison Electric Appliance Company became the Edison General Electric Company
1935 Raymond C. Sandin joined the Hotpoint division of General Electric as a one-man design department. Hotpoint provides design service to help customers plan their kitchens.
1944 Hotpoint advertises the "Kitchen of the Future" in Better homes and Gardens magazine, based on the results of its wartime information gathered from helping customers design their kitchens.
1965 Hotpoint design staff grows to 13 under Sandin, who remained in charge of design for Hotpoint until his death about 1986.
1989 Hotpoint exists as a sister company of General Electric Company -GEC and was later migrated into a new division of GEC, which was called General Domestic Appliances.
2001 Merloni Elettrodomestici purchased 50% of Marconi plc (formerly GEC). More recently in
2005 Hotpoint becomes a key European appliance brand marketed by Merloni which renamed itself Indesit.
2007 Indesit plans to use Hotpoint as its premier brand phasing out Ariston. Milanim the CEO of Indesit declined to comment whether the company will buy rights for the Hotpoint brand in the rest of the world from General Electric Co

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