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Sears Holdings Corporation, the publicly traded (NASDAQ: SHLD) parent of Kmart and Sears, Roebuck and Co., is the leading home appliance retailer in North America. The name "Kenmore" is a key propriety name used for appliances manufactured for Sears.

Kenmore brand products are sold exclusively by Sears Department Stores and Retail Outlets and through the company's website. However, through this website, fast delivery of your parts needs can be provided by entering your model or part number in the search area provided above.

1927 The name "Kenmore" first appeared on a Sears laundry appliance, an agitator type, wringer washing machine.
1929 Kenmore appeared for the first time on a wringer washer.
1933 Sears introduced the Kenmore Toperator, designed by pioneer industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss. The Toperator marked a historic achievement in automatic washing machine technology, with wash, drain, and wringer controls in a central location for the first time and a speckled porcelain enamel finish.
1936 The 1 millionth Kenmore laundry appliance was sold
1941 The auto-timer feature was added to washing machines, which automatically shuts off the machine at a pre-set time.
1942 Sales of many Kenmore brand items ceased at the start of World War II. Only customers with demonstrated needs could buy items made with rationed materials.
1946 Kenmore gas and electric ranges were reintroduced after production stopped during World War II. Sears simplified its appliance brands and used Kenmore and Coldspot on all appliances.
1947 Searsoffered its first automatic, agitator-type Kenmore washer, which featured one-speed, one water level, one cycle and three water temperatures. More than 20,000 washers were sold.
1948 Sears introduced the first Kenmore automatic electric clothes dryer
1951 Sears introduced Kenmore dishwashers and portable dishwashers
1957 Sears introduced Kenmore Turbo-Matic, the first washer-dryer combination. The 10 millionth Kenmore was sold. Sears introduced the Wash 'N Wear cycle with automatic shut-off for dryers, a built-in washer filter, and an automatic bleach dispenser.
1967 Kenmore was the first dryer to feature the Wrinkle-Guard system. It tumble-dries clothes for 10 seconds every 5 minutes after the cycle is complete to prevent wrinkles.
1969 Kenmore introduced the first pre-soak cycle with automatic advance-to-wash cycle.
1970 The Kenmore trash compactor was introduced.
1971 Kenmore began selling microwave ovens.
1973 Sears debuted Kenmore ranges with a continuous-cleaning feature.(Continuous-clean ovens are made with a special coating so most splatters burn off during normal cooking)
1977 Kenmore replaced Coldspot as the brand name for Sears'refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers
1978 The 50 millionth Kenmore washer was sold.
1980 Kenmore added solid-state controls to dishwashers and to its line of ranges, including a solid-state oven timer.
1982 Kenmore introduced a major innovation to refrigerators: clean-back styling. The coils are hidden, making the units cleaner, and the refrigerator can be pushed back against the wall.
1987 Kenmore celebrated its 60th anniversary. Kenmore sales totaled more than 17 million ranges, nearly 42 million washers and 29 million dryers.
1990 The Kenmore Prestige Collection debuted, with stylish colors, and white-on-white and black-on-black.
1991 Kenmore added the Done-Time feature to washing machines, which allows the user to set a time for the wash to finish.
1992 Kenmore ranges were sold with the new Euro-Design, a flush design giving a more built-in look. The sleek cook top gives the range a low-profile look.
1993 Kenmore Super Efficient Refrigerator Program (SERP) refrigerators became available, exceeding federal energy standards by 29 percent.
2001 The Kenmore Elite HE3t washer debuted, with the greatest water and energy efficiency of any leading U.S. brand. The design features a concave glass window. New Kenmore Elite refrigerators use the same energy as a 75-watt bulb. New Kenmore models exceed the Department of Energy's energy standards by 15 percent.
2002 Kenmore celebrated its 75th anniversary. As the official home appliance supplier for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sears offered Kenmore and other appliances for use by the athletes in the Olympic Village, plus competition and non-competition venues.
Today Kenmore continues to be a strong leader in the appliance industry and is ranked one or two in every major appliance category

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