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Tokuji Hayakawa started a Tokyo metal shop in 1912 where he invented the mechanical pencil called "Ever-Sharp" in 1915. This is how the Sharp Corporation got its name and the brand began.

After the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923 destroyed the factory, the company relocated to Osaka and began building the first radio sets in Japan, which entered the market in 1925. The Sharp name became synonymous with radios.

Due to many years of research into ultra-short wave technology Sharp was able to produce the first black and white TV in 1953. With a patent agreement made with RCA in the U.S., the modern television age begun. By the end of the year production went from 15 TV sets a month to 500 sets.

By the early part of 1955 Sharp's product line expanded to include appliances. They completed construction on a plant in Yao City. This plant was capable of producing a broad range of home appliances in one single location, setting an industry precedent. Sharp continued to expand into the appliance market and by 1961 was the first company in Japan to develop a microwave oven.

Sharp has remained a strong name in the consumer product marketplace and they continue to bring new products and innovations year after year. Some of products they continue to sell today include microwaves, range hoods, air conditioners, LCD televisions, cell phones, audio systems, fax machines, and calculators.

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