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What is a snowblower or snow thrower? A snowblower uses two stages to remove or "blow" the snow while a snow thrower uses a single stag to remove or "throw" the snow. Either one can use electric power, gasoline or a diesel engine to accomplish this task. The first machine to clear snow by either throwing it or blowing it was invented in 1925 by Arthur Sicard. The idea was inspired by a grain thresher that would gather grain, separate the grain from the stalks and toss the chaff away; Sicard imagined a similar machine for throwing the snow off the streets.

The first snowblower Sicard introduced had a self-propelled four-wheel-drive engine, plus a second engine for blowing snow and it could throw the snow up to 90 feet. A push-type snowblower was introduced by Toro in 1951, followed by Ariens in 1961; which included a much smaller engine with only three to four horsepower.

Snowblowers continued to evolve and are now sold in two types, single-stage and two-stage. Single stage uses one rotor to gather the snow. A two stage snowblower has a drill-like auger that pulls the snow into the machine, and then a rotor grabs it and throws it.

Manufacturer's today offer a variety of snowblowers, easy-handling machines for small driveways to larger machines with power-driven wheels for deep snow. Whichever snowblower fit your needs, follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your snowblower ready for the next wintery season.

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