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Tappan was founded as the Ohio Valley Foundry Company by W. J. Tappan in Bellaire, Ohio. In 1881 Mr. Tappan went door-to-door in a horse-drawn carriage selling his brand of cast-iron stoves. After relocating in 1889 to Mansfield, Ohio, the company was renamed Eclipse Stove Company. To differentiate themselves from another stove company in Illinois with the same name (Eclipse Stove Company), they changed the company name to "Tappan Stove Company".

The Tappan Company is responsible for several innovative products: the first range with a porcelain exterior in the 1920s, which came in various colors; one of the first home microwave oven models in 1955; a gas range electronic ignition in the 1960s; and in 1965 a range and microwave oven which came incorporated in a single unit. The "see through" oven door was also invented by Tappan.

In 1979 Tappan was acquired by AB Electrolux. Years later in 1986, AB Electrolux purchased White Consolidated, which manufactured Frigidaire, White-Westinghouse, Gibson, and Kelvinator products and created the WCI Major Appliances Group. In 1991, they became known as the Frigidaire Company where they continue to manufacture Tappan stoves today.

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